Work experience

Senior Design Researcher Wikimedia Foundation
May 2015 – present

Lecturer (part-time) University of Washington
September 2013 – present

Community Research Lead Wikimedia Foundation
December 2014 – April 2015

Research Strategist Wikimedia Foundation
September 2011 – July 2013

Graduate Researcher University of Washington
September 2008 – August 2013

Quality Assurance Administrator BeDynamic, Inc.
June 2007 – August 2008

Teaching & Curriculum Development

DATA 512: Human Centered Data Science. Fall 2017 | University of Washington | syllabus

HCDE 598: Data Science for UX Research. Spring 2016 | University of Washington | syllabus

HCDE 501: Theoretical Foundations of Human-Centered Design & Engineering. Winter 2014 | University of Washington | syllabus

HCDE 419: Concepts in Human-Computer Interaction. Winter 2012 | University of Washington | course descriptionsyllabus | blog

Professional Affiliations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
User Experience Professional Association (UXPA)
Community Data Science Collective
UW Design Use Build Group (DUB)



University of Washington, Seattle

PhD Human Centered Design & Engineering (2013)
Dissertation: Coordinating the Commons: Diversity & Dynamics in Open Collaborations | manuscript
Committee: Dr. Mark Zachry (advisor), Dr. Cecilia R. Aragon, Dr. Robert M. Mason, Dr. David W. McDonald

MS Human Centered Design & Engineering (2010)
Emphasis: User-Centered Design

St. John’s College, Santa Fe

BA Liberal Arts (2005)
Emphasis: Philosophy, Languages
Thesis: An Excess of Equality: Democratic and Aristocratic Mores and the Crisis of Modern Democracy in Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Honors & Awards

2013 HCDE Graduate Award of Academic Excellence. University of Washington
2011 Wikimedia Summer of Research Fellowship. Wikimedia Foundation
2011 Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI) Travel Award. University of Washington
2009 HCDE Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship. University of Washington
2008 College of Engineering Clairmont L. Egtvedt Fellowship. University of Washington



Conference Committees

CSCW 2017 (Associate Chair)
SIGDOC 2012 (Workshops Chair, Webmaster)
AOIR 2011 (Local arrangements committee)


CSCW 2015, 2014, 2012
CHI 2017, 2014, 2013
OpenSym 2016, 2015, 2013
HICSS 2012
Journal of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (2012)


Gnome Outreachy 2016-17 Mentor
Google Summer of Code 2017 Mentor
NSF SAVI: Collaborative Research: Fostering New Collaborations in Open Online Community Data Research: Prototyping an Open Collaboration Data Factory 2014-16 Advisor
AAAS ELISS Fellowship Program 2013-14 Mentor


Spring, Fall 2014 UW Community Data Science Workshop (Organizer/Mentor)
CSCW 2013 (SV Day captain)
CHI 2012, CHI 2011, GROUP 2010 (Student volunteer)
UW DUB group (Coordinator, 2010-11)
UW HCDE (undergraduate admissions committee 2009-10)
Wikipedia editor (2008-?)



Google scholar profile

Book chapters

Hill, B.M., Dailey, D., Guy, R.T., Lewis, B., Matsuzaki, M., & Morgan, J.T.. “Democratizing Data Science: The Community Data Science Workshops and Classes.” In Goggins, S. P., Jullien, N., and Matei, S. A. (Eds.), Big Data Factories: Collaboration in virtual community data collection, repurposing, analysis, and dissemination 2017 (Forthcoming)

Journal articles

Jonathan T. Morgan, Meghan Oxley, Emily M. Bender, Liyi Zhu, Varya Gracheva, and Mark Zachry. Are we there yet? The Development of a Process for Annotating Social Acts in Online Discourse. Discourse & Dialogue 2013 | linkpaper

Aaron Halfaker, R. Stuart Geiger, Jonathan T. Morgan, and John Reidl. The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s Reaction to Popularity is Causing Its Decline. American Behavioral Scientist 2013 | link | preprintblog | press

Deen Freelon, Travis Kriplean, Jonathan T. Morgan, Alan Borning, and Lance Bennett. Facilitating Diverse Political Engagement with the Living Voters Guide. Journal of Information Technology and Politics 2012 | link | preprint | press

Conference papers

Sneha Narayan, Jacob Orlowitz, Jonathan T. Morgan, Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Shaw. The Wikipedia Adventure: Field Evaluation of an Interactive Tutorial for New Users. CSCW 2017 | link | paper

Jonathan T. Morgan, Michael Gilbert, David W. McDonald, and Mark Zachry. Editing Beyond Articles: Diversity & Dynamics of Teamwork in Open Collaborations. CSCW 2014 | link | paper

Jonathan T. Morgan, Michael Gilbert, David W. McDonald, and Mark Zachry. Project talk: Coordination work and group membership in WikiProjects. OpenSym 2013 | link | paper

Michael Gilbert, Jonathan T. Morgan, David W. McDonald, and Mark Zachry. Managing Complexity: Strategies for Group Awareness and coordinated action in Wikipedia. OpenSym 2013 | link | paper

Jonathan T. Morgan, Siko Bouterse, Heather Walls, and Sarah Steirch. Tea & Sympathy: Crafting Positive New User Experiences on Wikipedia. CSCW 2013 | link | paper | blogs (1, 2) | press

Travis Kriplean, Michael Toomim, Jonathan T. Morgan, Alan Borning, and Andrew J. Ko. Is This What You Meant? Promoting Listening on the Web with Reflect. CHI 2012 | link | paper | blog

Travis Kriplean, Jonathan T. Morgan, Deen Freelon, Alan Borning, and Lance Bennett. Supporting Reflective Public Thought with ConsiderIt. CSCW 2012 | link | paperblog | videos (1, 2) | press

Jonathan T. Morgan, Robert M. Mason, and Karine Nahon. Negotiating Cultural Values in Social Media: A Case Study from Wikipedia. HICSS 2012 | link | paper | | blog | press

Emily M. Bender, Jonathan T. Morgan, Meghan Oxley, Mark Zachry, Brian Hutchinson, Alex Marin, Mari Ostendorf, Bin Zhang. Annotating Social Acts: Authority Claims and Alignment Moves in Wikipedia Talk Pages. ACL/HLT Workshop on Language and Social Media (LSM 2011) | proceedings | paper | bib

Jonathan T. Morgan, Robert M. Mason, and Karine Nahon. Lifting the Veil: The Expression of Values in Online Communities. ACM iConference 2011 | link | paper

Alex Marin, Mari Ostendorf, Bin Zhang, Jonathan T. Morgan, Meghan Oxley, Mark Zachry, Emily M. Bender. Detecting Authority Bids in Online Discussions. IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology (SLT 2010) | link

Jonathan T. Morgan and Mark Zachry. Negotiating with Angry Mastodons: The Wikipedia Policy Environment as Genre Ecology. GROUP 2010 | link | paper

Extended abstracts

Jonathan T. Morgan, Michael Gilbert, Mark Zachry, David McDonald. A content analysis of WikiProject discussions: toward a typology of coordination language used by virtual teams. CSCW 2013. Extended abstract | link

Jonathan T. Morgan How to ask questions the n00b way: designing social Q&A for new users. CSCW 2013. Workshop: Social Media Question Asking | linkpaper

Jonathan T. Morgan WikiProjects as Complex Systems. WikiSym 2012.  Doctoral consortium | paper

Jonathan T. Morgan, Robert M. Mason, Karine Nahon, Jeff Hemsley. VBAA: A Method for Surfacing Values in Distributed Online Collaboration. CHI 2012. Workshop: Values in Human-Centered Computing | link | paper

Travis Kriplean, Jonathan T. Morgan, Deen Freelon, Alan Borning, and Lance Bennett. ConsiderIt: Improving Structured Public Deliberation. CHI 2011. Work in progress | posterpaper

Sorting Things Out in Social Media: Adapting Content Analysis for Industry UX Research. NSF Social-Computational Systems (SoCS) Program Workshop 2011.  Doctoral consortium

Doug Divine, Jonathan T. Morgan, Jamie Ourada, and Mark Zachry. Designing QBox: A Tool for Sorting Things Out in Digital Spaces. GROUP 2010. Extended abstract | link | poster | description

Meghan Oxley, Jonathan T. Morgan, Brian Hutchinson, Emily M. Bender, and Mark Zachry. “What I Know Is…” Establishing Credibility on Wikipedia Talk Pages. WIKISYM 2010. Extended abstract | linkpaper

Jonathan T. Morgan, Sarah Perez-Kriz. Robot Rescue! An Engineering Outreach Activity. HRI 2010: ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2010). Video | link

Jonathan T. Morgan, Katie Derthick, Toni Ferro, Travis Kriplean, Elly Searle, and Mark Zachry. Formalization and Community Investment in Wikipedia’s Regulating Texts: The Role of Essays. SIGDOC 2009. Extended abstract | linkposter


Invited talks

Inspiring participation: encouraging people to change their behavior and contribute in new ways. Brown Bag, 2013 | slides with notes

Tea & Sympathy: Crafting the New User Experience of Wikipedia. Puget Sound World Usability Day 2012. Conference presentation | link

Wikimedia Foundation Summer of Research. Collaborators: Aaron Halfaker, Diederik van Liere, R. Stuart Geiger, Fabian Kaelin, Melanie Kill, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Maryana Pinchuk, Shawn Walker, Steven Walling. Wikimedia Foundation Brown Bag, 2011 | project page

From theories to metaphors: Networks and Ecologies. HCDE 501: Theoretical Foundations of Human Centered Design & Engineering. Guest lecture

Authority Claims as Identity Markers in Wikipedia Discussion Pages. Georgetown Roundtable on Languages and Linguistics. GURT 2011. Collaborator: Meghan Oxley. Conference presentation | program

It’s Not for Us, It’s for Them: A Case Study of Wikipedia Values in Practice. Association of Internet Research (AOIR) IR 2011. Collaborators: Robert M. Mason and Karine Nahon. Conference presentation | program

Introducing Reflect: A Tool for Discussion Summarization and Active Listening. Wikimania 2010. Collaborator: Travis Kriplean. Conference presentation | proposal | slides

Understanding Wikimedians: Practical Tools for Academic Research. Wikimania 2010. Conference workshop | proposal

It’s Not for Us, It’s for Them: Values and Power in Wikipedia Talk Page Debates. Information, Communication and Power 2010. A UW Workshop with Dr. Manuel Castells

Negotiating with Angry Mastodons: Investigating the Wikipedia Policy Environment. HCDE 521 Current Issues in Human Centered Design & Engineering. 2009