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Book chapters

  • Benjamin Mako Hill, Dharma Dailey, Richard T. Guy, Ben Lewis, Mika Matsuzaki, and Jonathan T. Morgan. 2017. Democratizing Data Science: The Community Data Science Workshops and Classes. In N. Jullien, S. A. Matei, & S. P. Goggins (Eds.), To appear in Big Data Factories: Scientific Collaborative approaches for virtual community data collection, repurposing, recombining, and dissemination. New York, New York: Springer Nature.

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Invited talks

  • Facts Matter: Supporting Knowledge Integrity on Wikipedia. HCDE Research Mixer, 2018
  • AI on a Mission. HCDE UX Speaker series, 2018 | video
  • Rebuilding the world's largest free media repository: A human-centered design approach. HCDE 210: Explorations in Human-Centered Design. Guest lecture, 2018
  • Inspiring participation: encouraging people to change their behavior and contribute in new ways. Brown Bag, 2013 | slides with notes
  • Tea & Sympathy: Crafting the New User Experience of Wikipedia. Puget Sound World Usability Day 2012. Conference presentation | link
  • Wikimedia Foundation Summer of Research. Collaborators: Aaron Halfaker, Diederik van Liere, R. Stuart Geiger, Fabian Kaelin, Melanie Kill, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Maryana Pinchuk, Shawn Walker, Steven Walling. Wikimedia Foundation Brown Bag, 2011 | project page
  • From theories to metaphors: Networks and Ecologies. HCDE 501: Theoretical Foundations of Human Centered Design & Engineering. Guest lecture
  • Authority Claims as Identity Markers in Wikipedia Discussion Pages. Georgetown Roundtable on Languages and Linguistics. GURT 2011. Collaborator: Meghan Oxley. Conference presentation | program
  • It’s Not for Us, It’s for Them: A Case Study of Wikipedia Values in Practice. Association of Internet Research (AOIR) IR 2011. Collaborators: Robert M. Mason and Karine Nahon. Conference presentation | program
  • Introducing Reflect: A Tool for Discussion Summarization and Active Listening. Wikimania 2010. Collaborator: Travis Kriplean. Conference presentation | proposal | slides
  • Understanding Wikimedians: Practical Tools for Academic Research. Wikimania 2010. Conference workshop | proposal
  • It’s Not for Us, It’s for Them: Values and Power in Wikipedia Talk Page Debates. Information, Communication and Power 2010. A UW Workshop with Dr. Manuel Castells
  • Negotiating with Angry Mastodons: Investigating the Wikipedia Policy Environment. HCDE 521 Current Issues in Human Centered Design & Engineering. 2009